Frequently Asked Questions

Consultation and Therapy

Q: How would I know what kind of therapy is best suited for me?

A: It depends on your medical history, current medical condition, and functional status. The program best suited for you shall be determined by the Rehabilitation Medicine Doctor after a comprehensive physical evaluation.

Q: So I need a doctor's referral for rehab before I can proceed with my therapy?

A: Yes. Our friendly Rehabilitation Medicine Doctors conduct one-on-one assessment and evaluation during their clinic hours. You may click here for a copy of their clinic schedule.

Q: Do you accept referrals from other Rehab Doctors?

A. Yes. Once you have a rehabilitation program from any Rehab Doctor, you can immediately schedule your therapy sessions.

Q: How long would a single session last?
A: Evaluations are conducted for 1 hour, while treatment sessions last for 1 hour to 1 hour & 30 minutes, depending on the management. 

Q:  How many sessions do I have to undergo?
A: It depends on your diagnosis and functional status. The Rehab Doctor will be the one to determine and prescribe the number of sessions that will be beneficial for you.

Q: Do you accept walk-in clients?
A. Yes, we do accept walk-in clients. However, due to limited slots, we cannot guarantee walk-in clients that they can immediately be attended to by our doctors or therapists. It is still strongly recommended to call prior to your visit to ensure that there is an available doctor or therapist to attend to your needs.