Early Intervention
Our experienced team of therapists promotes the development of skills of infants, toddlers and preschoolers that is needed in everyday functioning.

These skills include gross motor skills, fine motor skills, social participation skills and play skills. 

Cognitive Skills Management
Cognitive skills management is vital to children and adolescents diagnosed with developmental delay. Through this program, our therapists help develop and manage important cognitive skills such as identification of different concepts (i.e shapes, colors, and numbers), sequencing of events, and problem solving.

Management of these skills using play therapy and other specialized techniques enables the child to participate in the different areas of occupation, especially in education.

​Contour Kids is a section of Contour Rehabilitation and Wellness that focuses on Pediatric and Adolescent occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

We provide holistic, evidenced-based therapeutic management specifically

tailored for children and young adults with behavioral, developmental, and cognitive disabilities.

Our programs are carried out through the use of play therapy, social skills training, and behavioral & sensory processing management.



Speech & Language Therapy
Children with speech and language impairments such as speech delay, dysarthria, stuttering, and other language-based learning disabilities are given various management techniques by our experienced Speech-Language Pathologists.

The ultimate goal of this program is to help develop the child's speech and language skills needed for everyday functioning.

Physical Therapy Services
Holistic physical therapy programs involves the rehabilitation of children & young adults with physical disability. Programs include pain management, strengthening for muscle imbalances and weakness, ambulation training.

Management involves a combination of traditional and creative play therapy, which aims to enable children to function and adapt well to the environment.

Home Instruction Program
The child's parents, family members, or caregiver are given instructions to be followed at home to help supplement the therapeutic intervention given at the clinic.

These home programs are guidelines and procedures which the family or caregivers can follow. This is a vital part  in the therapy process in order to further enhance the intervention program.

Behavior Management
Children and young adults with maladaptive behavior undergoes behavior modification with the assistance and support of our therapists, using various evidence-based techniques to develop appropriate work behaviors such as: ability to follow instructions, concentration, attention span, etc.

Behavior Modification allows the child to function and adapt correctly at home and in school.