ReJoyce Workstation

ReJoyce is a unique upper extremity workstation for assessment  & rehabilitation of the hand, arm & shoulder, featuring a range of games with adjustable difficulty levels, & standardized function tests. Designed for rehabilitation of activities of daily living, its use is incorporated in our Occupational Therapy programs.


Splint is a rigid or flexible material used for holding a part of the body stable. It is used to promote healing and prevent further deformity. These splints are custom-fabricated using low temperature thermoplastics.

​​​​​HOME/WORKPLACE Modification


A program that aims to provide extensive evaluation of a client's home and/or work environment & recommendationsof modifications to improve its safety and functionality.

Its main goal is to promote client's occupational health & independence while doing activities at home/work.

​​​​BASIC Occupational
Therapy Program


Specialized OT Program
+ 2 Basic Modalities

A specialized program designed for individuals diagnosed with Physical Disability or Cognitive Disability. It employs various activities and modalities intended to help, develop, recover, or maintain previous level of functioning in work, leisure, and activities of daily living.

Occupational Therapy